Wajira and her husband Mohammad live in the outskirts of Allahabad, India with their four young children (11 and 3 year old boys, 8 and 5 year old girls).

Mohammad used to work as a bicycle repair man, but because people are using fewer bikes now his business became less lucrative. Wajira was able to get a loan from Margdarshak and used this to buy a sewing machine, which has allowed Mohammad to start a business out of their house as a tailor. Their business is very popular and they now make more from the tailoring business than they did from repairing bicycles. They hope to grow the business taking out a loan for more machines and employees.

Wajira took out a second loan as well to buy a cow. Their cow gives about three liters of mile a day they keep one liter for the house and then sell the other two liters. Wajira keeps her savings in an Indian National Bank, they have been using this service for a while, but do not have insurance.

Neither Wajira nor her husband have any education, but they want all of their children to be educated.