Vidya lives in Gadhaganj, India. She has four grown children her eldest is 35 and works as an electrician....

Vidya lives in Gadhaganj, UP, India. She has four grown children. Her eldest son is 35 and works as an electrician. Two of her children aged 30 and 25 live in Mumbai and her youngest son, 22 years old works as a driver. Vidya has been borrowing loans from Sonata for 6-7 years and this is her 5th loan cycle. She has used the loans for agriculture. The family owns their own land where they grow beets and rice. They also have a buffalo and a cow. The loans have allowed them to invest in their farming practice and increase their income. They have also started a commercial enterprise in the house, selling wood. In addition, they also own a small shop. These loans are further helping Vidya in saving to invest in a house and to pay for her youngest son’s wedding.

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