SHANTI lives with her 18 year old son. Her husband works as a cook in Mumbai and comes home every few months. She runs a small general store. Shanti and her husband had moved to this village to ensure more opportunities for their son. The educational environment in this village is better than where they previously lived and she hopes that her son will be able to go to University and find a stable job outside of the village.

She currently has three loans: one from a bank, one from a self-help group, and one through money lenders who charge her 3{2382e02857292b6eafd237571e3abe7645aa48c6a9d39376bdebe696ef57ad7b} per month. With the help of Sonata loans she hopes to pay off the debts and close them all out in a year. Once the loans are paid off, she hopes to extend her business so her husband can come back home and open his own business.Shanti has been with Sonata for 7 years. She uses the loans to restock her store and help pay off her other loans. Each time she takes out a loan, Shanti is careful to not exceed the maximum 25,000 INR limit she has set for herself. She is careful to not overdraw from the source and what she takes is an amount she will be able to repay.