Reeta, 35 years old woman living in India, received a loan from Margdarshak, a microfinance institution in India. She found out about Margdarshak after seeing a meeting happening around the town.

Even though Reeta was well educated – studied Indian economics – she chose to get a loan from Margdarshak instead of traditional banks because it was much easier to get it from Margdarshak.

With the money that she got from Margdarshak, she plans to open a new boutique! Before marriage, her family owned a boutique where she helped the business by stitching and selling clothes to a market. Now, she has an automatic sewing machine and can buy more materials, which makes her very excited to stitch and design her clothes again.

She’s now saving for good education for her three children – 2 sons and 1 daughter- who want to become a police officer and a doctor.