Radha is a mother of 4 children living in Alahaba. Her two daughters are married and live with their in-laws while her eldest son is a laborer making bricks and her youngest son is 12 and still in school. Radha is able to sign her name, but neither read nor write, she hopes her son will be able to continue in school.

Radha and her husband get their income selling vegetables. With the help of a Margdarshak loan they were able to expand their vegetable selling venture increasing the volume of what they sell. Before the loan from Margdarshak her husband had to borrow money from local friends and family that would charge interest of 5-10{2382e02857292b6eafd237571e3abe7645aa48c6a9d39376bdebe696ef57ad7b} per month (Margdarshak loans charge 1-2{2382e02857292b6eafd237571e3abe7645aa48c6a9d39376bdebe696ef57ad7b}). While selling vegetables they earn a profit of 400-500 rupees per day.

With the increased volume of vegetables Radha has been able to save some money. For the past four months her husband has been sick and while she’s been taking care of him neither of them have been able to work. The savings she has and loan from Magdarshak have been helped sustain the family and pay for expenses while they are unable to work.

In the future Radha hopes to continue expanding their vegetable selling business.