Nisha lives with her husband and eighteen-year-old daughter, who studied until 8thgrade. Nisha attended school in her childhood until 2nd grade, but cannot read.

Nisha’s family business is selling milk from her cows and buffalos to the dairy. She sells around 15 liters of milk each day and uses the rest in her household. The most dairy animals Nisha owned was around six cows and six buffalos, but about five died in the space of one or two years due to disease. At that time, Nisha’s husband took a job as a driver to supplement the family’s source of income, and Nisha took a loan from SKS, a Microfinance Institution (MFI). The loan she took, 30,000 [currency] was used to buy a buffalo to support her business.

Nisha also took two loans from Margdarshak, an organization with microfinance services, after she was introduced to the branch manager by a local leader. The loan from Margdarshak was more accessible to her than a regular bank loan. The first loan from the organization was for 15,000 [currency] and the second one was for 20,000 [currency]. She used the money from both loans to buy cows. Now, Nisha has three cows and three buffalos.

Nisha is happy with her milking business and has plans to expand. She has a bank account at the State Bank of India, a public sector bank. She is saving money for her future, for her daughter to be married, and to build more rooms for her house.