Nirmala, 45 years old woman in India, opened her own shop last year with the help from Margdarshak, a microfinance institution in India. She finished up to the second standard of education, which is equivalent to the primary school level. She has four children, two boys and two girls.

At her store, she sells water bottles and coconuts. Nirmala’s husband, who used to work at a high tea shop in a high court, now owns a retail shop that sells coffee, biscuits and snacks as well.

Nirmala has taken out loans two times for shops, each 15,000 [currency] and 20,000 [currency]. The loans from Margdarshak have been very helpful in setting Nirmala’s shop. Also, thanks to the loans, her husband was able to expand the size of his store. A bigger store is better for them because it allows them to attract more customers and a bank charges the same fee no matter what size a store.

Their income has increased more and they are living better now than before.

They’ve been saving money for their children’s weddings and they also have a bigger business plan in their mind – opening a cosmetic shop in the main market!