LAJJAWATI lives in Gadhaganj, India with her husband, her mother-in-law, and her father-in-law. She has five children. The oldest is married and no longer lives at home and the youngest, is 12 years old.

The family owns a clothing business. Her husband uses his motorbike to drive to villages to sell clothes. Originally, he was only selling saris, but with the help of a loan from Sonata (for 12,000 INR), they have been able to diversify their products and now also sell children’s clothing and undergarments. The clothing is their only source of income and with the diversification of products they have seen an increase in income.

Lajjawati is very proud that she has been able to send her children to school. One of her sons is studying to get his BA in mathematics at a University, while her daughter is working on her Master of Arts in Hindi and is planning to become a teacher. Her youngest children are both still in high school, but Lajjawati hopes they will also go onto University.Her children’s education is the largest expense in the household, reflecting the importance the family places upon it. Lajjawati comes from a family of laborers and is the first entrepreneur. Together with her husband, she is able to provide opportunities for her children and also save some money.