Kusum is in her early 40s and has two sons and one daughter. The eldest son Sanjay is 25 years old, working as a pathologist. Her daughter is newly married. Her husband works in the hospital as well. They started a medical store in partnership with someone a few years ago,  the loan they took from Margdarshak is mainly for expanding their business, to get more medicine and so on.

Kusum has savings in the bank, she has her first bank account two and half years ago, before that, she keeps her money at home with her. She told us if it is a large amount money, she feel safer to put in the bank.  She used her former saving on her daughter’s wedding, now she’s saving for her mom and herself. Also, they wish to get a bigger loan from Margdarshak to open their own pathology lab in Allahabad. Owns a family business, debts free, children have grew up, Kusum seems doing pretty well. She said it is not like a dream, it all happens slowly, and she is expecting more to happen.