Geeta, is an enterprising 50 year old mother of two, living in India. One of her sons is 20 and works with a private firm in Delhi, while her 18 year old son works selling dairy products.

Her first loan of 15,000 INR from Magdarshak allowed Geeta to help her son open a dairy shop. During the day while her husband works as a security guard Geeta helps her son with the logistics of distributing dairy and in the milk shop where they sell an average 30 liters a day. Taking out another loan she plans to expand the store.

Geeta hopes to save up money and take out another loan in the future to remodel her home, adding some new rooms so she can have paying guests. She would use money from the guests to repay her loan and eventually attain financial independence. The access to loans from Mardarshak has allowed Geeta’s enterprising dreams to become increasingly realistic. In response to whether she’s glad she took out a loan she says, “I am more than happy”.