ARCHANA is a 21 year old woman and lives with her husband and her mother-in-law. She is expecting her first child. Her husband works their two bigas of land farming wheat and Archana manages the entire household and runs a general store out of their house.

Archana grew up in a family that worked as laborers and she dreamt of having a store one day. Before the Sonata loan, owning a store was not an option open to her. With the loan Archana runs a store selling food, kitchen supplies, and staples such as soap, snacks, and masalas and (chewing) tobacco. She even loans products to people who don’t have money at that moment and keeps accounts to be paid back later.The store has increased the family’s income and Archana has made a great difference in liquidity. Her purchasing power for essentials has gone up and she has been able to increase her savings to 10-20 INR per day. Although Archana wasn’t able to go to school, she is firm that her children will study. With the increased income and opportunities from the store, she believes she can ensure a better future for her children.