Anita lives with her family. She attended school until fifth grade. She has a husband named [name], a daughter named Manisha, and three sons named Shiva, Satym, and Sundaran.

During most of the year, Anita’s husband works in construction and has a fixed income. However, during the rainy season, he buys wholesale fruits and vegetables and sells them from his bicycle at the market. The profit from this work is not stable, it’s dynamic – sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s low.

In order to expand the fruit and vegetable business, Anita’s family took a loan from Margdarshak, an organization with microfinance services. The second loan they took was for constructing a new house. Their old house was made of mud, but the new one is built from brick and mortar. It seems that the loans they received were useful and effective.

Anita’s family is earning extra income and they are saving it in a bank account. They are saving for marriages and education for their children, and have purchased a motor bike.